Charlie Reese- 545 vs 300 Million

This post is based on an email (below) I received titled “Charlie Reese’s final column – PLEASE READ.” While I strongly suspect that it is not the actual final column that Reese wrote, I think it contains some provocative thoughts that include some of Reese’s actual writing and ideas going back to the 1980s. Continue reading

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Fooling Ourselves?

Are we fooling ourselves?

According to a 2010 Consumer Reports survey ( , ~90% of Americans considered their diet to be Continue reading

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Theme Update-By the Numbers

Math and logic have always been my strength. If you put me in a room with a 1,000 randomly selected people and tried to teach us a foreign language, I would probably fall in the bottom half. However, in that same room, I would probably rank in the top 10 if you gave us problems to solve involving math and logic.

We have made amazing advances throughout the history of mankind! There are many great things about Continue reading

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Luke Donald World Golf #1 (mathematically correct version)

Luke Donald became the mathematically correct World #1 after his runner-up finish to Ian Poulter at the Volvo World Match Play Championships that ended May 22, 2011. Unfortunately for Luke, the Official World Golf Rankings use a mathematically flawed “average” calculation so instead of recognizing that Donald’s Continue reading

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World Golf Rankings Mathematically Flawed

The World Golf Rankings have 1 major flaw that I see- because of a mathematical inconsistency, players are penalized for having played in a lot of tournaments just under two years ago (assuming they have played in more than 40 tournaments in the last two years). Continue reading

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Welcome to Matt Elston’s Blog

Just trying to figure out this blog thing and want to keep everyone who is interested up to date on my current projects.  I’ll try to put some updates here when I have time, but for now, go to Organic Farm Investments to see what I am currently up to or to Strategic Investment Analysis to see what I did business wise from 1997 to 2010.


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