Positive Side of Trump Victory- Draining the Swamp

There are many issues which split Americans, but everyone agrees that we should Drain the Swamp in Washington, DC.

Drain the Swamp

Drain the Swamp

Fear of Political Corruption is why Trump Won

While it appears that Hillary Clinton will win the popular vote with 52% of voters NOT voting for Donald Trump, one campaign promise that most Americans would like to see Trump follow-up on is Draining the Swamp in Washington, DC

Americans Top Fears

Americans Top Fears

Dan Mitchell hit the nail on the head when he said Washington is sleazy “because politicians and bureaucrats have massive powers to give undeserved wealth to those with political connections” due to an intentionally complex tax code and massive regulations. Yes, some politicians want to do right, but ask yourself why there are 11,000+ registered lobbyists with expenditures of over $3,000,000,000.00 annually in DC? This figure does not included campaign contributions – We all know that smart businesses do not invest money without an expected payoff.

Replace Opaqueness & Incomprehensibility with Transparency & Simplicity

Trump’s 5 point plan for Ethics Reform is a good place to start to drain the swamp, but we should encourage our elected officials to go much farther to reduce corruption, increase fairness and level the playing field for all Americans. Opaqueness and incomprehensibility are tools used by special interests to tilt the playing field in their favor with most Americans in the dark as to what is going on. More Transparency and simplicity are needed to put the democratic process back into the hands of the people and bring fairness in Washington, DC:
1. Simplify the Tax Code– With a tax code of over 75,000 pages, smart guys like Donald Trump are able to figure out (or had their congressional friends create) ways to pay little or no tax while the majority of Americans are left scratching their heads and making up the difference. Trump, with the input of all Americans, should come up with a 1 page document of Fair Tax Goals, Principles and Guidelines and then create a tax code of under 100 pages that implements this.
2. Simplify Regulation– While Trump’s idea of removing 2 existing federal regulations for every new federal regulation, may help us to move in the right direction, stating CONCISE Goals/Objectives/Principles/Guidelines/Rules is the best way to put individuals and small businesses on a more level playing field with big business/special interest groups and help keep the democratic process alive.
3. Punish Corrupt Politicians and White Collar Criminals the same as Blue Collar Criminals.  While blue collar crime makes for more sensational news, white collar crime has 14 times as much financial impact in the United States according to Megan Graham. Also, blue collar crime typically only impacts a single person, family, or community, while a single political or white collar criminal can have a much wider impact.
4. Fine Businesses, PACs and Special Interest Groups for false or intentionally misleading “free speech” These groups engage in false information strategies to confuse an issue which discourages public participation, making it easier for politicians to take care of the politically connected. Punishing lies will help the public hear the truth and make rational choices that are necessary for a healthy democracy to flourish.

A majority of Americans did not vote for Donald Trump and some are scared of what he may do when he takes office. Let’s focus on President Elect Trump’s good ideas. Please tell your elected officials that you strongly support efforts to clean up Washington, DC and make American Great Again.

Do you support cleaning up corruption and special interest collusion in Washington, DC?
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