Tiger Woods Putting- Is it holding him back?

Yes, but that is not the only part of his game that is off from prior form.

Tiger’s putting and ball striking is better this year than last year, but not as good as he was in previous years according to the “Strokes Gained Putting” and “Greens Hit in Regulation” statistics on the PGA Tours website.

Relative to his fellow competitors, Tiger ranks 60th this year gaining .2 shots per round putting compared to a slight loss last year with a ranking of 109. From 2004 (where the current Tour stats go back to in this category) through 2009 he ranked 2nd twice, 3rd twice, 9th and 22nd gaining as much as .88 strokes per round over the field.

The “Strokes Gained Putting” is the best putting stat out there in terms of measuring how well someone is putting- sure it can be distorted a bit by a guy leaving himself in good or bad spots on the green, but it is not distorted as much as putts per round or putts per greens hit.

Tiger’s greens hit in regulation are also better this year (67% ranking 34th) compared to last year (64% ranking 167th), but down compared to 2006-2008 where he was #1 each year. From 1999 through 2008, he hit 71 to 75% of the greens 7 times and only ranked below 6th in greens hit twice.

Bottom line- Tiger’s game looks like it is coming around, but he will need to improve both his putting and ball striking to regain his previous dominance.

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